Famed Chicago Dive Bars

December 6, 2022

Famed Chicago Dive Bars

Chicago has a famed scene of Dive Bars that all stay the same even as time continues to pass. These places will give you an experience of Chicago that no book or blog could replicate. Read below to find some of the best spots around the city and the most convenient parking for your visit!


This spot is on the border of Rogers Park and Edgewater and only accepts cash. They have a big beer selection, cocktails any other bar would have, a pool table, and TVs displaying Chicago sports. It also houses one of the best collection of Chicago history ephemera outside a museum, most notably a clock promoting the election of Richard J. Daley as the city’s mayor.

Best Parking – 320 South Clark Street


Sovereign Liquors

A great way to see if a Chicago bar is a true dive is to look for the Old Style sign hanging out front. Sovereign has a big one on display, making it Edgewater’s most reliable authentic dive bar. You can come here for beers and mixed drinks that won’t break the bank. They also sell 6-packs, another Chicago dive bar staple. There is a friendly vibe here and a great jukebox that transcends generations.

Best Parking – 3730 North Lakeshore Drive


The North End

The North End has been a neighborhood staple since 1983 and is a nice break from the clubbing and loud partying in the era. You will find the grizzled authentic Chicagoans here while the transplants are overpaying for bad drinks in said clubs. They present a nice beer selection that also has added locally made craft options throughout the last few years. There is also a pool table, a dartboard, TV’s, and a friendly atmosphere.

Best Parking – 3730 North Lakeshore Drive


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Enjoy your visit!