ABM’s Parking Services Extend to The Westerly – Washington D.C.

February 16, 2024

ABM’s Parking Services Extend to The Westerly – Washington D.C.

Delivering Convenient and Efficient Parking Solutions in the Nation’s Capital

ABM has recently been selected to operate a new location in the Southwest Washington D.C. area. The Westerly, a modern residential community, is located one block from Waterfront Station and three blocks from The Wharf. This expansion signifies an important milestone for ABM as they strengthen their presence in the D.C. area. ABM is well-prepared to provide efficient, safe, and affordable parking options for all customers, with a focus on meeting the increasing demand for parking.

About The Westerly

The Westerly is a mixed-use development in D.C.’s growing Southwest neighborhood, located less than a block from Waterfront Station and three blocks from The Wharf. This 12-story, 400,000-square-foot building features 449 apartment units and various retailers, including a performing arts/theater space, AppleTree School for early childhood education, and a three-meal café by Good Company Doughnuts. The Westerly’s unique financing model allows the project to offer 30% affordable housing, thanks to the collaboration between Hoffman & Associates, Affordable Homes & Communities (AHC), and capital partners Grosvenor, Merchants Capital, and The Richman Group.

A Growing Neighborhood: Southwest D.C.

Southwest D.C., situated south of the National Mall and west of South Capitol Street, has changed substantially in recent years. The neighborhood offers new residential and commercial projects with easy access to parks, waterfront activities, cafes, and markets. Today, improved pedestrian pathways, a Metro stop, and a rising availability of for-hire bikes facilitate seamless access to neighboring areas. The surge in new developments concurrently enhances the appeal and convenience of residing in the area.

Southwest D.C., boasts one of the city’s most vibrant real estate markets. In the 1950s, the area became part of an urban renewal plan, leading to the construction of numerous large apartment buildings. Many of these buildings from that era are still standing today. In the recent years, Southwest D.C. has experienced a wave of transformation with the introduction of various new mixed-use developments.

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